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Other STORY DEVELOPMENT Software:  StoryBase | Power Structure 

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  FICTION / SCREENWRITING Categories > Story Development | Instructional | Formatting | Naming 
NON-FICTION Categories > Book/Article Writing | Style/Grammar Editing | Technical Writing | Bibliography/Research 
SELLING WHAT YOU'VE WRITTEN Category > Tracking submissions/proposals, managing contacts, bookkeeping, etc. 
AGENTS / PRODUCERS Category > Managing Writers' Proposals, Submissions, Projects, Contacts, etc. 
CORPORATE Categories > Editing of Correspondence, Reports, etc. | Business Plan Writing | Technical Writing 
STUDENT Categories > Dissertation/Thesis/Term Papers Writing | Essay Writing 
MISCELLANY Categories > Resume Writing | Letter Writing | Typing | File Managing | Storyboarding 
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 Other STORY DEVELOPMENT Software:  StoryBase | Power Structure 
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Let StoryCraftPro 4.3 Story-Creation Software turn you into a master story-teller, taking all the story ideas dancing in your head and transforming them into fully-developed short stories, novels, and screenplays.

For when you use StoryCraftPro, the world's most popular story-creation software, every minute of writing becomes a fun and rewarding creative journey that does all this for you:

  • BANISHES WRITER'S BLOCK BY SIMPLIFYING THE ACTUAL WRITING PROCESS ~ StoryCraftPro not only guides you through the entire process of creating and developing your stories, but also offers built-in word processing screens for each stage of your story so that you can quickly record your ideas and won't need to use any other programs for the actual writing of your story -- no interruptions, no delays, no excuses.

  • PERFECTS YOUR STORY'S PREMISE ~ StoryCraftPro takes your basic story idea and converts it into a concise Story Concept that will form the solid foundation on which you'll build your story.

  • ESTABLISHES THE IDEAL CATEGORY FOR YOUR STORY ~ StoryCraftPro takes that Story Concept and lets you decide which Story Category (action, character, or epic) you want to use to develop the story.

  • MATCHES YOUR STORY WITH A TIME-PROVEN PATTERN AND INSTANTLY OUTLINES YOUR STORY ~ StoryCraftPro writer's software identifies 18 basic patterns of stories that all the great myths and literary classics fall under, and gives you an instant outline of your story, based upon your choice of one of those patterns, called Story Types.

  • BUILDS COMPELLING CHARACTERS AND WORLDS ~ StoryCraftPro guides you through the creation of your story's main characters and their helpers as well as the worlds that they populate, prompting you to describe the precise elements necessary for main characters of stories of your Concept, Category, and Type.

  • OFFERS INSTANTANEOUS ADVICE ON YOUR STORY ~ StoryCraftPro offers built-in help instructions, accessible from every screen, that instantly describe the desired task.

  • PROVIDES INSTANT OUTLINES OF YOUR STORY AS YOU WRITE ~ StoryCraftPro presents complete and continually updated Plot Outlines and Structure Outlines for your story as you write.

  • LETS YOU BRAINSTORM FREELY AT EVERY MOMENT ~ StoryCraftPro allows you to brainstorm and develop unique plot twists at each Story Creation Step.

  • GIVES YOU INSTANT ACCESS TO ANY PART OF YOUR STORY ~ StoryCraftPro allows you to work without confusion on any part of the story, wherever and whenever you have an idea.

  • ORGANIZES ALL YOUR WRITING ~ StoryCraftPro writer's software instantly compiles all the writing you do for a particular story into one, logically arranged file.

  • SIMPLIFIES THE REVISION PROCESS ~ StoryCraftPro allows any and all of your selections and writing to be revised at any point with a mere click of a button.

  • GIVES YOU FULL PRINTING CAPABILITY ~ StoryCraftPro allows you to print out any and all of your writing at any point.

  • CONVERTS INCOMPLETE WORK INTO FINISHED STORIES ~ StoryCraftPro allows you to import any outside text directly into the program, so that you can easily revise and finish stories that you had previously been working on, transforming almost magically old notes, story ideas, and undeveloped stories into near-perfectly developed stories, ready to publish.

  • CONNECTS YOU WITH OTHER STORYCRAFT USERS ~ StoryCraftPro gives you immediate access to the StoryCraftPro Users Internet Web-Site, where you can meet other users of StoryCraftPro via chat rooms and bulletin boards and link directly to up-to-the-minute product news and resources.

  • MAKES THE CRAFT OF WRITING EASY TO LEARN AND EASY TO PERFECT ~ StoryCraftPro has been carefully designed and refined so that even the most novice of writers can understand clearly and quickly every task (and yet also even the most advanced of writers find its approach sophisticated, reliable, and practical).

  • TEACHES THE WORLD'S #1 WRITING METHOD AND PHILOSOPHY AS YOU WRITE ~ StoryCraftPro is more than just a writing tool; it is also a sophisticated complete course in writing that utilizes the Jarvis Method, the system of fiction writing that's the accepted standard among university writing programs around the world.

  • REVEALS HISTORY'S GREATEST WRITING SECRETS ~ StoryCraftPro understands intuitively how you write because its system is based on the way classic literature and great myths have been written since the dawn of civilization.

  • AUDIO READ-BACKtm CAPABILITY ~ StoryCraftPro's Audio Read-Back feature is an amazing enhancement that actually reads back to you what you write at the click of a button, allowing you to hear what you've written... An invaluable writer's tool!!!

  • TURNS YOU INTO A JARVIS METHOD EXPERT ~ StoryCraftPro gives you free access to the inventor of the Jarvis Method himself... in effect, giving you the greatest expert to critique your writing.

In short, StoryCraftPro is a story-processing program - designed specifically for writing any kinds of stories (from short stories to screenplays and novels) - that comes with history's greatest writing coaches built right into it!

Check out some of the outstanding reviews and user comments; and see How It All Works.  Also, take a look at screenshots from a sample session.  Click here to order.

8 MB RAM, 6 MB disk space, Windows 95/98/2000/2007/NT/XP/ME/7 or higher


StoryCraftPro Writers Software 4.3 is the award-winning writers' software that guides writers through the entire process of writing any fictional story.

(Or you can get the Luxury Edition of StoryCraftPro, which contains all the features of StoryCraftPro in addition to a powerful troubleshooting enhancement loaded with tons of additional precise as-you-write guidance.)

Select what you're looking for from the links in the list below:

...story development software (fiction writing software)...
For writing fiction, including novels and screenplays, this is software for developing your story ideas, plotting and structuring the story, and writing the actual story
See SCREENWRITING category for screenplay formatting.
  • StoryCraftPro
  • StoryBase
  • Power Structure
  • Writer's Software Companion
  • Truby's Blockbuster

  • If seeking story troubleshooting software...
    Software for writers for diagnosing and resolving story problems
  • StoryCraftPro
  • Writer's Software Companion

  • If seeking plotting software...
    Software for writers for selecting the precise plot for your particular story
  • StoryBase (Plots Unlimited on Steroids)

  • If seeking screenwriting, television writing, or theatrical writing software...
    For putting the screenplay, teleplay, or play in proper format (screenplay formatting, dialogue margins, etc.)
    See STORY BOARDING for visual presentations.
  • Hollywood Screenplay

  • If seeking novel formatting software...
    Software for putting the novel or short story in proper format.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking style/grammar editing software
    Software for journalists, editors, technical writers, businessmen, and writers in general for editing, including especially for correct usage, style, grammar, plain English, and clear communication.
  • StyleWriter

  • If seeking book/article writing software
    Software for organizing research and arranging ideas and chapters for books and articles as well as for creative writing.
  • Writer's Blocks

  • If seeking book/article formatting software
    Software for formatting chapters, title page, table of contents, index, page numbering, paragraphs, headings, etc.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking manuscript management software
    Writers software for tracking submissions and sales of your manuscripts, articles, and screenplays. Excellent for authors and freelance writers.
  • Write That Down!

  • If seeking writers instructional software
    Software for learning how to write a book, how to write a novel, or how to write a screenplay.
  • StoryCraftPro
  • Power Structure
  • Writer's Software Companion
  • Truby's Blockbuster

  • If seeking dissertation/thesis/term paper software
    Software for writing dissertation, thesis, or term paper, including proper formatting according to CMS, APA, and MLA.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking book proposal writing software
    Software for writing book proposals.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking article query-letter writing software
    Software for writing query letters to editors and mass mailing them.
  • The Wizard of Words

  • If seeking technical writing software
    Writers software for technical writing, and learning to write technical reports, manuals, etc.
  • Technical Writer

    If seeking essay writing software
    Writers software for learning to write or format essays.
  • Essayist
  • The Wizard of Words

    If seeking letter writing software
    Writers software for learning to write letters, including cover letters.
  • Letter Writer

    If seeking resume writing software
    Writers software for writing resumes -- not just templates.
  • Resume Writer

    If seeking business plans software
    Writers software for writing business plans.
  • Business Plan Writer

    If seeking typing skills software
    Writers software for learning to type by touch-typing.
  • Typing Tutor

    If seeking computerized calculator for technical writing, etc.
    Writers software for computations and conversions needed for technical writing, statistical analysis, etc.
  • Writer's Calculator

    If seeking story board software
    Writers software for organizing stories or business presentations according to a sequence of drawings and photos illustrating each scene
  • Board Master

    If seeking character naming software
    Writers software for finding the appropriate names for your fictional stories naming characters (also useful for selecting baby names and baby naming)
  • Muse Names

  • If seeking bibliography software
    Bibliography software for research and scientific writing and other technical writing requiring bibliographies
  • Biblioscape 5.0

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